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Schirmer Tear Test Strips
Schirmer Tear Test Strips
Schirmer Tear Test Strips

Schirmer Tear Test Strips

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Schirmer Tear Test Strips
This tear test strip measures the amount of tear production.

Product Description

Schirmer Tear Test Strips

20/box, 2/pouch, 10 pouches/box


Used for measurement of tear production


Each strip has a printed mm scale so that they can be easily read

Available as sterile strips in individual pouches

Innovative peel open packing with transparent film on one side

Instruction for use

1. Do not apply any topical medication to the eye or perform any manipulation of the eye before performing this test. 

2. Position patient in examining chair with head against a headrest.

3. Examination room lights should be dimmed.

4. Carefully open strips taking care not to touch the rounded end of the strip.

5. While the patient looks up, carefully insert rounded end into the lower temporal lid margin of the eye, making sure the strip fits snugly.

6. Wait for 5 minutes, remove the strip and record the length of the moistened area. 

7. The product should be stored at Temperature 5°-55°C and Humidity 55-75 RH.

8. Mishandling or improper transport can cause damage to the device or packaging. 


Products are sterilized through Ethylene Oxide (EO) according to a validated cycle.