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Collection: BioCorneaVet

Why BioCorneaVet™?

BioCorneaVet will be permanently resided in the recipient’s cornea after the remodeling process with more and more transparent cornea matrix without the use of anti-immunological agents anymore 6-12 months after the keratoplasty. But the autologous tissue would have to topically administer anti-immunological agents for a life time. While for the traditional conjunctiva flap with SIS, the optical negative prognosis and scarring are the unsatisfactory points. 

BioCorneaVet's primary surgical method of implantation is by anterior lamellar keratoplasty (ALK or DALK). When covering corneal defects, BioCorneaVet™ promotes host corneal epithelial regeneration and matrix synthesis. Healing results when the cornea is fully restored in the aspects of structure and function as normal cornea.

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    PetsEyes BioCorneaVet 150-500Microns
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