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Healing Pattern
Corneal Sequestrum

Endorsements from Worldwide Veterinary Ophthalmologists

'At the moment I used 2 BioCorneaVet, they were both successful.The first case was a French Bulldog already treated with 2 previous biosis graft both failed for an infection from a Staphylococcus coagulase positive, 8 mm diameter. The second one was a Jack Russell Terrier with a corneal perforation , 5 mm diameter.' Oct 2018

'We used your product on 2 cases and they went very well. I do like it.' Feb 2018

'We have done at least 4 cases so far. All did well. Thanks again for your fine product.’Oct 2018

'I must say I am very impressed with your Biocornea Vet. I used them in 2 dogs so far. One was 10 mm large and the other 4 mm large. Both fine so far. They are 2 dogs a French bulldog and a terrier mix. I find it very easy to use, suture in place, etc. It seems to be well tolerated by the patient and have a very good integration with the donor cornea. We are for sure interested in offering this kind of corneal graft more often.' Oct 2018

Dr. Antonella Rampazzo  DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECVO Veterinary Ophthalmology Service Equine Department Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich, Switzerland

" I believe BioCorneaVet is a great product for veterinary ophthalmologists who do not have a source of homologous fresh cornea available for transplantation; with a long shelf-life and no need for refrigeration, it is a great solution for immediate availability in cases of near full thickness stromal replacement, such as in descemetoceles and even small perforating corneal defects in dogs and cats." Mar 2020

Dr. Enry Garcia da Silva, DVM, MS, DACVO

'BioCorneaVet is a good choice for corneal transplantation because it is easy to provided. Ideal tissue incorporation and postoperative corneal transparency is well restored.' Nov 2018

Dr. Yi Dong, Executive President of CCVO

'BioCorneaVet is the most suitable graft for clinical use in small animals up to now. It has good histocompatibility and can obtain ideal optical effect after operation, even penetrating keratoplasty.' Dec 2018

Dr. Huihao Xu  Ph.D Southwest University of China

'It is fantastic! I work with cornea transplant since 2015 and I have some problems to collect and storing the cornea. With the BioCorneaVET we don`t have these kind of problems! And talking about the biologic effects, it looks like it is better or at list similar to the Frozen or preserved (Optsol).' Nov, 2018

Dr. Fabricio Mamede  Brazile